1959 Chevrolet Wiring Diagrams

1959 Classic Chevrolet – Wiring Diagrams

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The 1959 engine and chassis electrical system are basically the same as the 1958 system but several improvements were made.

The 9 plate, 53 ampere hour battery used in 1958 remains the regular production battery in 1959 for all models except those equipped with the 348 cubic inch V-8 engines.

A new 11 plate, 61 ampere battery the same size and shape as the 9 plate was used in all 1958 348 equipped cars.

The external ignition resistor used on all Chevrolets prior to 1959 was mounted on the fire wall. For 1959, Chevrolet built this resistor into the starter wiring harness in the form of higher resistance wire. For more information on the resistor and converting your generator to an alternator see this web site… 1957 Chevrolet Alternator Conversion.

To view a large 1959 Chevrolet 6 cylinder Wiring Diagram CLICK HERE!!

To view a large 1959 Chevrolet 8 cylinder Wiring Diagram CLICK HERE!!

Below are links to 1959 Chevrolet wiring diagrams in a Word Document on this web site that you can print.

1959 Chevy 6 Cylinder – CLICK HERE!!

1959 Chevy 8 Cylinder – CLICK HERE!!

Starting with the 1955 Chevrolet, General Motors switched from a six volt to a 12-volt electrical system. It was an important change for all Chevrolet’s produced since then including the 1959 Chevrolet. There are several good reasons for the 12-volt electrical system such as higher electrical voltage makes for smoother running and performance of high compression engines. More voltage is available for such auxiliaries such as air conditioning, heaters and fans plus engines just start quicker during cold weather.

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